Review: My New Zoeva Brushes

by Dumb Blonde on January 29, 2015

Happy Thursday babes! One of my New Year’s resolutions besides eating healthy and practise yoga (let’s say I have failed the yoga part) was to make more beauty posts. Well beauty posts are way more time consuming than fashion posts in my opinion and you need the right beauty tools for that too. I have old Mac brushes and some cheap drugstore brushes. It was time to buy new good ones. I had spent so much money at the winter sale (who besides Min can resist the sales) that I didn’t want to buy expensive Mac brushes once again. So it was a lucky coincidence that the German Cosmopolitan had a Zoeva brush freebie. I always wanted to try the brand but I never did. I liked the brush so much that I decided to buy more. I even recommended them to my sisters Holly & Lola. They have used Mac brushes but now bought Zoeva brushes as well. So are they as good as the Mac brushes? It depends which brush you buy. Let’s start with the review:


The Grand Stipping / 124:
Large size duo fibre foundation brush (vegan). You can also use it for mineral makeup but I haven’t tried that yet. It’s really big and that makes it easy to apply the liquid foundation fast and easily. The bristles aren’t that soft but I like that. Don’t apply too much pressure on the brush cos it’ll be too harsh on your skin. Use smooth strokes and you get a flawless result. Better than my Mac Stippling Brush that lost a lot of bristles. Maybe I got a faulty one but I prefer the Zoeva.

Luxe All Over Shader / 222:
Large brush ideal for applying the eyeshadow on the entire lid. Soft but resistant bristles. Not bad considered the price but I prefer the Mac eyeshadow brushes.

Luxe Classic Shader / 232:
Medium sized brush. I like it better than the All Over Shader. You can work more precisely with it. It’s works with pressed powder and loose pigment but I haven’t tried it with the loose pigment yet. I can totally recommend you this one. Almost as good as Mac

Luxe Soft Crease / 221:
A blending brush with a curved head. Maybe my favorite brush so far. It blends easily and the results is awesome. I can’t compare it to Mac cos I never had a blending brush from Mac. I also own the 227 from Zoeva (the freebie) and it’s great too.

I haven’t tried the 126 Luxe Cheek Finish yet but I bet it’s not bad. I will keep you updated.
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It’s Not Too Late For A Cape

by Dumb Blonde on January 26, 2015

Happy snowy Monday babes!! Yes the winter is still here (please beep off finally). Haha I don’t think it will happen that soon. We just have to make the best of it and buy more winter clothes. I wanted to have a cape for a long time now but I didn’t think they’d be warm enough for the winters over here (for a wimp like me)! Guess what?! I was wrong! This little cape has kept me pretty warm. I was even brave enough to wear a summer dress beneath it (short-sleeved!!!). I love neutral colors cos they work with everything but I have already set my eyes on this lovely cutie. A little pop of color brightens up the darkest days.

choies_cape_05 Luxurious Military Cloak Coat / Dress: Darimeya / Fringe Booties: Zara (old and totally sold out)
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by Dumb Blonde on January 22, 2015

Happy Thursday babes! Seriously I’m so grateful for online shops. They have everything your heart desires and it’s only a few clicks away. It would take me hours (that I don’t have) to roam through the city and search for a leo skirt like that and it would have been in vain anyway. Midi skirts are my favorite. Esp. when they have a cool leo print and make you feel like the queen of the jungle. Did I mention that this skirt is on sale too?! You will never guess the price :D

choies_leo_skirt_06 Leopard Print Midi Skirt / Sweater: Cos /
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Call Me Mrs. Wader

January 19, 2015
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Happy Monday babes! I’m back again with an outfit post! Giving you my best Darth Vader impression. If you ever wondered what a female Darth Vader would look like. Take a look at my cool Mrs. Wader tee. Sexy as hell and of course dressed in black. I do don’t sexy but total black is […]

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Back In Black

January 12, 2015
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Are you enjoying the cold as much as we do We don’t mean 21 degrees btw. cos that’s what we call a beautiful summer day over here. Cold or no cold a total black look is always the right choice. Oh it looks like I have lost the thread of the conversation. Frankly I’m just […]

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