Of Course We Had To Order 3 Pairs!

by Dumb Blonde on July 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday babes! Geez I had a traumatic experience last night. While I was watching Jane Eyre I heard a strange noise coming from the window. I went to check it and I couldn’t believe what I saw. A gigantic poison green grasshopper. Undaunted by death I took my Elle magazine and tried to get rid of it. Ignoring my almost heart attack. I have somehow managed it but I’m still shaky. Me and insects a never-ending story lol. I almost wish it were Winter again. Btw here’s our latest sale score. Some pretty ballet flats from allSaints. Yes we have bought three pairs. Why do we always buy the same stuff. People can’t distinguish us anyway and with the same shoes it only gets worse :D

allsaints_ballerina_01 Ballet Flats allSaints sadly sold out: Similar here and here
Photos and edit by Holly Devils
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Way Back Into Love

by Dumb Blonde on July 21, 2014

Happy Monday babes! Shirt dresses are everywhere this season. To find the right one isn’t easy. Esp. if you’re looking for a classy shirt dress with the perfect length. Office suitable. This Front Row Shop dress is exactly what I have been looking for. The light fabric is great for the hot days we’re having right now and what I love the most about it is the versatility. You can style it so many different ways. You can even roll the sleeves down when it get’s colder. Wear it like a trench….and don’t forget to add a little bling! I wore my new favorite letters script bracelet “Way back into love“. It’s so delicate and beautiful. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this is it!

mira_frs_shirt_dress_blue_07 Front Row Shop Shirt Dress / Letters Script bracelet / Heels: H&M / Bag Halle Berry for Deichmann
Photos and edit by Holly Devils
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by Dumb Blonde on July 18, 2014

Hola babes,
that’s what happens if you can’t sleep for 5 days and Mira is your photographer :D Who cares I’m wearing my favorite outfit and I feel great with it. The dress (very daring without the leggings cos it’s quite short at the front) is fabulous and right now on sale, too! The color rocks and ensures you envious glances from the crowd. Apparently the Front Row Society made these leggings esp. for me cos they are a 100% me > unbelievable!!!! I love them. The quality is amazing and they feel like a second skin on me. You can get the matching scarf too but my credit card says NO NO NO :-( :D Okay better luck next time. Keep it rocking and have a marvelous weekend with a little sleep > Life’s too short to oversleep it ;-)

Hola babes,
das kommt dabei raus, wenn man 5 Tage nicht geschlafen hat und Mira als Fotografen hat :) Egal, ich trage mein absolutes Lieblingsoutfit und fühle mich damit einfach wohl. Das Kleid (sehr gewagt ohne Leggings, da vorne recht kurz geschnitten) ist fantastisch und gerade auch noch im Sale zu haben. Die Farbe ist der Knaller, neidische Blicke garantiert. Die Leggings hat die Front Row Society anscheinend für mich gemacht, die sind sooo 100% ich > unglaublich!!! Ich liebe sie, tolle Qualität, fühlt sich an wie eine 2. Haut. Dazu gibt es auch noch den passenden Schal, aber meine Kreditkarte sagt NO NO NO :( :D Ok, nächstes Mal mehr Glück. Lasst es BEBEN und habt ein traumhaftes Wochenende, mit ein wenig Schlaf > Das Leben ist zu kurz, um es zu verpennen ;)

Love Holly

Keep calm, Mira is going to translate it soon ;)

Photos by Mira Devils and edited by Holly Devils


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Lola From The Block

by Dumb Blonde on July 14, 2014

Happy Monday babes! That green dress. I can’t help it but it totally reminds me of the famous Versace dress that J. Lo wore at the 2000 Grammys. Of course it’s the decent version but c’mon who wants to go naked like that anyway? No don’t answer that question! I can think of one or two famous sisters ;-) No it’s not us. We sisters prefer this decent version. Actually we fighted over it too and no one won. That’s why you’re going to see it two more times on our blog. Here’s Lola’s style. She paired it with the amazing Fibi & Clo sandals that you have already seen here and a lot of jewelry. Hope you like it.

sheinside_dress_fibi_and_clo_o1 Green V Neck Vintage Floral Loose Chiffon Dress / Fibi and Clo Sandals / Necklace: Mango / Cuffs: Anna dello Russ for H&M / Bag: H&M
Photos by Mira Devils and edited by Holly Devils
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Friday I’m In Love: Fibi & Clo

by Dumb Blonde on July 11, 2014

Happy Friday babes! Do you remember the quote “I love finding new places to wear diamonds“ from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? When Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) discovers that she can wear jewelry on her head too. Well that’s how I felt when I got these beautiful bejeweled sandals from Fibi & Clo. Yes jewelry for your feet! Isn’t that a dream, or what! If I had to attend a beach wedding I would wear these babies (can anyone invite me please!). I think they are a great alternative to the Birkenstock trend. First of all they look much better and they are just as comfy. There’s just one drawback. These sandals are quite an eye catcher and everyone will stare at your feet. So don’t forget your pedicure and nail polish!

Fibi & Clo Smoke Cascade Sandals
Photo by Mira Devils edited by Holly Devils