Sneak Peek > When two Front Rows collide …

by Dumb Blonde on July 10, 2014

Hola babes! Look who’s back again for good. Long time no see but here’s a little sneak peek of Holly’s latest outfit. Wearing two Front Row’s not related by blood or marriage. Stay tuned :D

Dress: Front Row Shop / Leggings: Front Row Society
Photo by Mira Devils and edited by Holly Devils


The Leo Of Bel Air

by Dumb Blonde on July 7, 2014

Happy Monday babes! Whoa! Thunder and lightning and a lot of rain. Summer took a break once again. I hope it’s going to be a little one. Guess I wouldn’t have this problem in Bel Air where the sun always shines and it never rains. At least that’s what the leo of Bel Air told me :D

bel_air_tee_choies_01 Lola wears: Leo printed tee (sadly sold out). Cute ones over (this is the one I’m going to buy next) here, here, here
Photos glamDevils edited by Mira Devils
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Friday I’m In Love: Polka Dots

by Mira on July 4, 2014

Happy Friday babes!! How was your week? Mine was plain awful and it’s not getting any better. Holly has decided that I have to take some pics of her today. Why is that dreadful? Well she’s a perfectionist. An annoying one. Who’s going to scream and shout and complain about your (I mean my) inability to shoot all the time. Who cares it’s Friday baby and I’m in love with Lola’s polka dot top and she’s never complaining about my photographer skills :D

h&m_polka_dot_top Lola wears: Sunnies Firmoo / Polka dot top H&M: Sadly sold out. Cute ones over here , here , here / Necklace: Topshop: Sold out. Similar: Here, here
Photos by glamDevils


Viva Brazil!

by Mira on July 2, 2014

Happy Wednesday babes! Yes we have been lazy bloggers lately and haven’t posted as much as we wanted too. We just didn’t have the time cos we’re crazy busy with work and personal stuff. We’ll do our best to improve. Well and I haven’t figured out our new camera yet. You might think the better the camera the better the pics but I guess that’s only half the story. A high resolution has it’s disadvantage! Now you can see every pore, blemishes and wrinkles….. stuff you had no idea it existed. Geez this camera is relentless. I was already thinking to buy a shi..y one again :D
Okay enough of whining. I thought about a football / soccer related look and came up with this one. Yeah the Brazilian flag was my inspiration. Green, yellow and a bit blue. Easy but I like it. What about you is your team still in the tournament!? I don’t really watch the matches but I’m curious who is going to win. I have no clue :D

viva_brazil Foundation: Maybelline dream satin liquid / Eyes: Rival de Loop young, p2 catch the glow terra gleam / Mascara: L’oreal false lash / Eyeliner: p2 pure last metallic petrol / Blush: Essence secret it-girl / Lipstick: Dr. Hauschka
Photos by Mira Devils
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Black Crochet Lace With A Pop Of Red

by Dumb Blonde on June 23, 2014

Happy Monday babes! You know it’s not your day when you manage to close the window before the nasty wasp flies in. Only to notice that a wild one already flew in. The shower ain’t working properly and you ran out of coffee. All that on a Monday morning. If that isn’t enough you see the black crochet lace top you bought awhile ago is on (huge!) discount now. You paid the full price. I could go on like that for hours but who likes mondays anyway?

choies_crochet_lace_top_03 Black Crochet Lace Top / Faux Leather Skirt sadly sold out. Similar ones here, here, here, here / Sunnies & Necklace: Asos / Belt: H&M
Photos by glamDevils
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