Friday I’m In Love: The Burgundy Edition

by Mira on April 11, 2014

Happy Friday babes! It’s still cold over here so I thought to share some stuff with you that we have bought last winter sale. Yes you can tell burgundy is the COLOR of our obsession! Btw we have found our Instagram password again. Lola is in charge and she has no clue what she’s doing! Me neither. If you have nothing better to do you can follow us here :D

buffalo_boots_burgundy Boots: Buffalo
Photos by Mira Devils
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The Look In Motion: GlamDevils For Choies

by Mira on April 10, 2014

Omg we made a video and it’s exactly as it should be! Me strutting around in my Choies Limited Edition Elegant Lady Two Piece Suit like a headless chicken. Having no clue what I’m doing. Yes totally embarrassing but definitely worth a laugh!! Btw I’m not responsible for the music. It was the only one available for free (so I was told) :D
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Happy beauty Wednesday babes! Haha can you tell what’s wrong with that photo? Yes I’m not wearing any mascara! Why? Cos I was in a hurry and have forgotten to put it on. When I looked at the photos later I was like um there’s something missing. Well shit happens. I probably shouldn’t post it but nobody’s perfect and I really love this new Rival De Loop Young baked eyeshadow 02 cream cake. You can apply it dry or wet (for a more intense look) but it’s that highly pigmented that you don’t need to apply it wet. It stays on forever! I can’t remember the exact price tag but I guess it was about 2 €. Damn I’m really impressed. Rival De Loop Young has released some new products and this is one of them. I didn’t have any high expectations cos of the low price tags but everything that I have tried so far is great. Frankly I also use high end products and I can’t tell that they are any better. For example on the photo I wear a Chanel lipstick. Yeah compare the ingredients and you’ll see all brands use the same stuff! The difference is the packaging! Might not be that fancy but I can live with that :D

Baked Eyeshadow Rival De Loop Young 02 cream cake
Photos by Mira Devils
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Springflowers, Birds and A Midi Skirt!

by Mira on April 7, 2014

Happy Monday babes! Time flies and I can’t believe that tomorrow will be our second blogaversary! Yes once again we haven’t prepared anything. I rather enjoyed the lovely springtime. Smelled the beautiful flowers, fed the ducks and watched the heron. Apropos fed the ducks. Wasn’t that one of Blair Waldorf favorite things to do? I can’t help it and it definitely wasn’t on purpose but this look here reminds me a lot of Queen B’s. Is it the hat or this Two-piece Set from Choies Limited Edition? Yes I guess it’s both. Chuck Bass would love this :D

Choies Limited Edition Elegant Lady Two Piece Suit / Bag and Heels: & Other Stories
Photos by glamDevils
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Happy Friday babes! Sneakers! Do I have to say more? No I don’t think so. Every fashionista, it girl and wannabe wears them right now. We have seen every type, shape and color. Here’s my personal favorite. Why? 1. Cool! 2. Hot! 3. Pink! 4. Retro and last but not least Alexander McQueen for Puma! There you go! I’m going to start my coffee marathon right now. If you have gotten this far don’t forget to tell me your favorite pair of sneakers! Just for the record :D

Photo by Mira Devils